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Gerhard Van der Westhuizen is a natural, self-taught artist, born in Cape Town in 1970. Known for his contemporary feminine portraiture, Gerhard’s face studies feature striking eyes that captivate and connect with the viewer.


Described as modern art meets abstract expressionism, his art pieces explore a women’s character, strength and sensuality. Gerhard has also created an exciting collection of fashion runway, figurative oil paintings and sculptures, inspired by the energy and movement of international fashion shows.

Working predominantly in oil on canvas, Gerhard also enjoys experimenting with other mediums such as light-weight concrete, wooden panels and resin. Recently he has created a new series of 2 and 3-dimensional abstract resin sculptures.

Gerhard also produces collaborative work with Zimbabwean sculptor, Mambakwedza Mutasa “Mamba”. When they met at the 2018 Franshoek Festival of Art, it was the start of a powerful journey of artistic collaboration and friendship. Their unique collaborative art pieces, transcend the line between painting and sculpture, by fusing painting with steel and other unconventional media such as wire, scrap metal and automobile parts.

Both Gerhard’s solo and collaborative art work has been exhibited at the Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Fair, the Investec Cape Town Art Fair and at exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany. In South Africa Gerhard works from his private Art Studio in Hout Bay, Cape Town  and his work is presented at the Art Curator Gallery in Somerset West. Today his beautiful works of art adorn the homes and offices of clients around the world.

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